TERMS AND CONDITIONS (update 2/01/2021)

In case of class cancellation due to COVID-19 outbreaks, public health orders or shutdowns, credit notes ONLY can be issued – we cannot provide a refund for these reasons. Credit notes may be used towards any programs within 1 year of issue. Credit notes cannot be used towards birthday party packages.

Refunds and cancellation policy for school holiday camps:

- Please choose your programs and dates carefully as we do not offer refunds for school holiday camps. All cancellation requests must be communicated to us via email at least 48 hours before the commencement of the camp and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Once the camp session has begun, no credits will be issued.

- Please enrol your children into the camp only if you are sure they are going to cope with the program. If the child is too young and cannot manage the camp independently, we cannot offer refunds or credits in this case.

- Credit notes for School Holiday programs are not offered if cancelling because you change your mind or your child is sick.

- Please also note that there will be no refunds of Creative Kids vouchers once they are redeemed. You can find more information on this on the Service NSW website.

Refunds Policy

WonderLab Art Studio reserves the right to change and/or cancel advertised programming; and pricing at any time. Bookings will be refunded in full in the case of cancellation by the organiser.

Refunds and cancellation policy for term classes:

Refunds for term passes are only offered when cancelling before the commencement of the term. We do not offer refunds or transfers for casual class bookings. Refunds or make-up classes for missed classes are not offered. There are no make-ups or studio credits for missed classes for any reason including illness and vacation. A make-up session will only be offered if the instructor needs to cancel a class or if the studio closes for any reason such as in the event of weather, family emergency, or for any other reason.

Refunds and cancellation policy for birthday party packages:

We do not offer refunds. We can transfer your party booking if your booking is cancelled 14 days prior to the event. We cannot provide a transfer after this time. A fee is charged for each guest over 15 people.

WonderLab Art Studio reserves the right to cancel a student's enrolment without notice if their behaviour is too disruptive. Parents are REQUIRED TO ATTEND Toddler and Preschool Art Play sessions with their child and are responsible for ensuring their child's safety and well-being at all times. Students must be picked up from class and cannot be released alone except via prior arrangement (eg. SMS from parent). Photography permission for social media/website/advertising is requested at the time of booking. At no time will your child's name be published. Please clearly indicate that you do not wish your child to be photographed or else permission will be assumed. 

Students and parents are responsible for picking up any artwork if the last class of the term is missed. Our policy is to store artwork for 2 weeks only. Please pick up your artwork within this timeframe. It is not guaranteed your artwork will still be at the studio 2 weeks after your workshop.  

Parents are responsible for communicating any student special needs to WonderLab Art Studio prior to the day of the workshop/class and supplying adequate medicines & treatment plans if needed. This may include for example asthma puffers, antihistamines, and Epipens. Please do not send your child to a class if they are unwell.

WonderLab Art Studio will endeavour to provide a safe environment at all times - however, from time to time we may use materials that can cause minor injuries (scissors, hot glue guns, hobby electrics, paper cuts!). Parents retain ultimate responsibility for deciding whether their child is mature enough to partake in certain activities. Please do not book your

child into a workshop you think they will struggle with. Students should also accept some personal responsibility for the sensible use of materials. Please be assured all efforts will be taken to ensure your child is happy, well and enjoys their art-making experience!

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