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Why do parents choose WonderLab?


Innovative approach 

We believe that each child can be artistic and art is not about being talented. We let all children express their individuality and combine art education with child led discovery. We celebrate curiosity and imagination, nurturing the process of creation rather than focusing on the finished product. In our studio children’s imagination flourish!


Parent feedback

So parents can know what their children are learning, we regularly send photos with comments and feedback after term classes and holiday camps highlighting key learning objectives, techniques and skills that have been practiced. We want our families to see value in what we do!


Rich curriculum

Our term classes and holiday camps explore a variety of art methods and techniques – not only do we experiment with drawing and painting, but also construct, sculpt, work with fabrics and threads, play with wire and wood – and all this might happen on one day of a holiday camp! Each child brings home a series of artworks which is a solid evidence of deep thinking, variety of projects and intense work!


Low teacher/student ratio

We take maximum eight children per class or holiday camp and have two teachers present if we are fully booked for our camps ensuring children have enough opportunities to explore a series of projects and receive individual attention!


Our story

WonderLab Art Studio is a vibrant and inspiring children's studio in Killara, Sydney. We offer a range of creative experiences including age-appropriate classes, art holiday camps and art-centric birthday parties where children of all ages can make art and explore creative ideas in a beautiful studio setting.
Years of experience of working with children help us understand how to set up materials and environment so children and adults alike will feel comfortable and welcome to imagine, explore, experiment and create. In a safe and friendly environment even most shy and reserved children have an opportunity to create and explore their artistic talents.

We combine art education with child led discovery. WonderLab Art Studio believes that creative experiences are highly beneficial for the emotional, intellectual and developmental growth of children. We celebrate curiosity and imagination, nurturing the process of creation rather than focusing on the finished product. We are a process-based art studio. We celebrate children's uniqueness and don't compare children's results to each other or someone else's art works.


What is process-based art?
In process-based art children are invited to use art materials to explore their own ideas at their own pace. We set up environment with promts to ignite and stimulate creativity while the teacher supports and facilitates the projects by teaching techniques and necessary skills without giving children a model of what to create.

Each child is encouraged to create their own unique piece of art. The children experiment and explore art materials, learning the potential of paints, paper, clay, and loose parts developing their higher level thinking skills.
We are focusing on the process of making art and experimenting with art media, not on the product. The children experiment, problem-solve, hypothesize and invesigate while working with art materials and tools. 


What children can learn through process art?
Process based art helps develop higher level thinking skills critical for 21st century thinkers: problem solving, imagination, innovation, creativity, curiosity, and the ability to question and evaluate.

Process based art also helps in building confidence. Allowing children to make their own decisions and discoveries gives them value. In process art children make most of the decisions regarding their work and, like adult artists, generate meaningful ideas for art themselves. The children are artists and they make the creative choices. In a process based art studio all art works that are produced by children look different.

What is the role of a teacher in process art?
The teacher teaches various skills of working with art materials, but what children will do (or not) later with these skills is left up to them.


What is Product Based Art? (We don’t do product based art at WonderLab Art Studio)
Children are set up to complete a project created by an adult, using certain materials and following a set of precise instructions. An example would be painting flowers starting with a dot in the middle, adding petals around the middle, painting stems that touch the ground and adding grass at the bottom of the page with each art work looking relatively the same. The teacher chooses the colours and tells the children what to do correcting mistakes if necessary. The children practice their fine motor skills and following instructions. They do not practice creativity, imagination, innovation and problem-solving.

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