WonderBox Art Kit

Our art kits are carefully and thoughtfully designed and curated by artists. They contain high quality art and craft materials, some of which are not available elsewhere.
No more random materials thrown together cheaply in a box that you have to build an activity around!
Our projects tested by hundreds of children at our studio. Plus, all kits come with step by step, easy to follow instructions. It’ll make creating art with your child a joy. 

WonderBox Art Kit

All the art kits come with step-by-step instructions with photos to show the whole process of the art making. Children ages 7+ can create independently while younger ones might need parental guidance.
Our projects will keep the children engaged into a screen-free activity and allow families to have some quality family time.
You can purchase our kits using Creative Kids Voucher!

Price: $100 (incl. GST) - pick up at our Studio: 674 Pacific Highway, Killara 2071

CHRISTMAS ART KIT – Christmas tree baubles and Christmas cards
Make your Christmas memorable by creating your own Christmas tree baubles and Christmas cards with your child! Our Christmas art kit is full to the brim with decoration materials, paints, pens, paper and plain baubles to create unique hanging decorations and cards that can be given to your friends and relatives as heart-melting Christmas presents.

Turn a myriad of materials into a cool rusty looking robot. Use poly blocks, cups, balls, wooden loose parts, wire, cardboard tubes and other things to put them together, paint and polish learning about the SteamPunk design. The best experience for a young engineer!
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STAR WARS™ - Pilot Goggles
Build your space pilot goggles and head your star-fighter to the space battle. We will use cardboard and a myriad of loose parts to put together our pilot goggles. Then we will paint and polish them in the style of Steam Punk.

AUSTRALIANA – mixed media painting on the canvas board
Join us for this painting workshop to create an Australian scenery painting on the canvas board using paint sticks and posca markers exploring the contrast of complimentary colours (children will be able to choose their subject matter themselves, e.g. Harbour Bridge, Opera House, beaches and other famous Australian landmarks). This is our most popular painting holiday camp project!

Pretend you are a crazy professor and create a funny character (doll, superhero, magician, ballerina, ninja warrior, you name it). Turn a wooden mannequin into your muppet by designing the outfit for it and putting together the loose parts included in your kit. Paint it with watercolour and draw the facial features with a black marker.

‘Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.’
Our fairy magic wand and crown making art kit is bursting with glitter, sparkles and jewels. It’s designed to delight the heart of every fairy-loving child. Children will design and make their own glittery crown and a stylish fairy wand. We will also learn some cool facts about fairies and paint an illustration of a fairy with metallic watercolour.

Do you have a keen Potterite in your home who would explode with excitement if they could make a wizard wand and a spell book?
Your child’s eyes will shine with excitement as they turn a plain wooden stick into a unique, magic wand using acrylic paint, clay, wire and silver or gold polish accompanied by a tatty, old spell book with a collection of spells and potion recipes!

Turn a wooden fairy door into a magical fairy dwelling painting it with acrylics and decorating with clay and loose parts. When the fairy door is ready, design a tiny peg fairy creating whimsical outfits for it.

OCEAN WONDERS - acrylic painting kit (ages 8+)
We will practice a number of painting techniques such as impasto, stippling, sgraffito, pointillism and finger painting to get equipped with the ways of approaching acrylic paint. We will then paint a beautiful ocean scene on the canvas. Acrylic painting has never been easier!
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Send us your address and we can arrange the postage Australia wide. Please allow 2-3 business days after the purchase to get your art kit packed.

Creative Kids Voucher details can be added in the registration form when you book your tickets. Upon successful completion of the order where a voucher is filled out correctly, we will then process a refund to the same bank card account that you completed the order with for $100. Please allow for 5-7 business days after receiving a refund confirmation email for the funds to appear in your bank account.

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