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WonderLab is a process-based art atelier in Killara Sydney, Australia. Children in our studio feel welcome and supported to make a mess, move, express their artistic ideas and create their unique art works. They are encouraged to explore their individuality in a non-competitive environment and grow their artistic talents in a relaxed and safe way. At WonderLab we thrive to develop children's creative thinking, problem-solving and imagination.
We help parents raise innovators of tomorrow!

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Art Play Workshops

Process based creative art lessons for children (4-5 years old)


School Holidays art camps

Full day art sessions for school-aged children (5-10 years old)


Art Club for ages 5-10

Art classes for school aged children (weekdays and weekends)


Birthday Parties

Art and sensory play party. Let's glow for your party!

EXPLORE & CREATE (ages 4-5)

A drop-off class for preschool age children with the focus on open-ended yet structured art exploration. Each class the children will be exploring an art concept (such as line, texture, shape, form etc) and will be given an opportunity to engage in a simple structured art project (e.g painting, collage, construction or modelling) exploring studio materials, developing their creative ideas and engaging in problem-solving skills.
โžœ This class will suit slightly older preschoolers who are able to follow instructions and engage in structured learning experiences.

โœ…  Wednesday and Friday Classes have commenced!
Price: $25 per class (no term passes yet, book weekly)
Dates: Wednesday and Friday Classes 13:00-14:00

ART PLAY (ages 2-5)

Sensory art exploration for young artists! Come and play with your toddler or preschooler in the art studio exploring sensory art materials such as clay, playdough, goop, rice, coloured water and ice. Paint cardboard sculptures, hanging bedsheets, perspex sheets, murals, play with light, construct with blocks and natural materials to ignite your child's creativity and develop the interest in art.
These sessions are not structured with the main focus on sensory exploration of art materials (no drop offs).

Currently unavailable


Our camps explore a variety of visual art experiences including painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media and more to take children on an experiential journey where their own ideas are celebrated. Our program is open-ended and unstructured which helps children practice creativity and imagination while exploring the potential and language of art materials.
Watch our camps video ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

๐Ÿ”ฎ SLIME AND POTIONS Camp (9am-4pm)
Join us for a super fun week of potion and slime making of all kinds. We'll experiment with and investigate interesting ingredients to create wild concoctions and bubbling potions to pour them in a bottle, make a nametag and take home. We will also mix a couple of batches of slime experimenting with the ingredients and coming up with a perfect ratio of glue and activator so we can blow bubbles and stretch our slime super long.
Price: $130
Date: Monday July 13

๐Ÿš› SCULP AND BUILD Camp (9am-4pm)
This day is going to be dedicated to all sorts of 3D construction and modeling! We will explore wood, wire, cardboard, paper-mache and clay media to create cars, trucks, buildings, animals, insects, creatures and more. We will explore different attachment methods, like gluing, taping, twisting wire, and scoring clay and experiment with embellishing techniques like painting and decorating.
Price: $130
Date: Monday July 6

🚀 STAR WARS™ Fans Camp (9am-4pm)
Calling all Star Wars fans! During this camp we will make a model of your own R2D2 robot putting together the sculpture and painting it with acrylics!
Price: $130
Date: Friday July 17

๐Ÿ‘ป CHARACTERS ALIVE Camp (9am-4pm)
Children will design their own movable and bendable wooden character coming up with the characterโ€™s costume, features and accessories. We will use a myriad of small loose parts, fabric scraps and collage materials to personalize our characters and make superheroes, princesses, robots, Harry Potters, mermaids, you name it!
Price: $130
Date: Friday July 10

๐Ÿ  WOODEN HOUSE 2 day Camp (9am-4pm)
Personalize and customize a two story wooden house paining it, printing wallpaper, building furniture, creating characters, and more. Children can design a doll house, a superhero hide-out, a hospital, a school, a fire station, the options are endless. Watch our video ๐Ÿ‘ˆ
โžœ the cost of the wooden IKEA house shelf and all the materials is already included in the camp price!
Price: $250
Date: Wed, Thurs โ€“ 15, 16 July (two day camp)

๐ŸŽ‘ FUN WITH DRAWING Camp (9am-4pm)
Come and experiment with drawing materials with us during this camp! We will be drawing by observation, from imagination, with our eyes closed, and with large body movements. We will draw people, animals, imaginary scenes and cavemen handprints. We will be exploring coloured pencils, markers, oil pastel, ink and charcoal. This day will be full of creativity and experimentation! Please read our blog ๐Ÿ‘ˆ
Price: $130
Date: Wednesday July 8

๐Ÿ™ SEA CREATURES ages 5-9 Camp (9am-4pm)
On this day children will learn a series of painting techniques to be able to create their own canvas masterpiece โ€“ a sea creature in the ocean! We will be practicing lots of skills like painting a gradient, paint in layers, paint with fingertips, using the splattering technique, and drawing by observation to be able to use all this knowledge to create a painting that our little artists will be so proud of! Please read our blog ๐Ÿ‘ˆ
Price: $130
Date: Thursday July 9

*Drop-off available; provide lunch for your child, we will provide light healthy snacks

Creative Voucher

Creative Kids Voucher details can be added in the registration form when you book your tickets. Upon successful completion of the order where a voucher is filled out correctly, we will then process a refund to the same bank card account that you completed the order with for $100. Please allow for 5-7 business days after receiving a refund confirmation email for the funds to appear in your bank account.


We love to celebrate through art at WonderLab and more importantly, we think birthdays are a special opportunity to showcase the interests and passions of your child!

WonderLab can run one of our art workshops at your birthday party to ensure your birthday boy or girl and your guests are kept entertained and immersed into a fun and engaging art experience! You can choose to hold the party at our studio in Killara or order a mobile party with us coming to your place.

Party themes (for ages 5 and up):

1. Glow-in-the-dark party โ€“ explore glow-in-the-dark materials painting a giant mural with fluorescent paints and enjoying 3 free glow-in-the-dark art stations: plaster painting, fluorescent drawing and pre-made fluorescent play dough. 
Watch our party video ๐Ÿ‘ˆ
- $400 (for 10 children)

2. Harry Potter Potions - each child will mix, concoct and create their own potion, to bottle, label and take home โ€“ unicorn potions, fairy potions, nature potions, witches' potions, magic potions, you name it. DOWNLOAD our brochure ๐Ÿ†“
- $400 (for 10 children)

3. Slime โ€“ each child will mix up their own custom batch of slime to take home โ€“ sequin slime, glitter slime and textured slime. DOWNLOAD our brochure ๐Ÿ†“
- $450 (for 10 children)

4. Fashion design โ€“ design clothes out of paper or decorate a mini wooden mannequin with a myriad of loose parts and embellishments. Watch our party video ๐Ÿ‘ˆ
- $450 (for 10 children)

5. Cardboard collage โ€“ each child will create a cardboard artwork for painting and decorating (e.g. wacky hair, rainbow collage, funky eye wear, giant donuts, cardboard animals).
- $400 (for 10 children)

6. Customized project โ€“ you can customize the theme of your party choosing a theme that your child is interested in (e.g. super heroes, mermaids, unicorns, fairy tales etc.).
- $450 (for 10 children)

Duration: 2 hours
Number of children: maximum 10 if the party is in our studio (our studio space is not very large - 10 children and 10 accompanying adults is an ideal number for having a nice party experience. For larger parties, we strongly suggest you encourage parents to drop off. Any additional children will be charged $15 a child).
Price: starting from $400*

Contact us โœ‰ for a full program with party themes.

* Please provide us with information on your child's interests and preferred art experiences, and we will customize the program for you.

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ART CLUB (ages 5 and UP)

Throughout the school year children will explore different media & skills to work with art materials including drawing, painting, collage, pottery, sculpture focusing on elements and principles of visual art.

โœ…  Afterschool Art Club - Term 2
This term we are are exploring drawing, painting, printmaking and plaster sculpture getting inspiration from such artists and Paul Klee, Claud Monet, and Van Gogh. Contact us โœ‰
- Monday Classes start 16:00-17:30
- Tuesday Classes start 16:00-17:30
- Thursday Classes start 16:00-17:30
Price: $35 per class (all materials included)

🌁 NEW!!! 👉 Illustration course - practice illustrating animals, plants and people learning about the principles of illustration. We will use pencils, pens and watercolour to create cute characters and quirky designs!
Price: $25 per class (all materials included)
Date: Friday Classes 16:00-17:00

🌄 NEW!!! 👉 Fundamentals of drawing - learn basic principals of drawing such as pencil strokes, shading, perspective and composition in our brand-new drawing course for children ages 10 and up!
Price: $25 per class (all materials included)
Date: Wednesday Classes 16:00-17:00

* Drop-off class

Creative Kids Voucher details can be added in the registration form when you book your tickets. Upon successful completion of the order where a voucher is filled out correctly, we will then process a refund to the same bank card account that you completed the order with for $100. Please allow for 5-7 business days after receiving a refund confirmation email for the funds to appear in your bank account.

WonderBox Art Kit

A set of art materials to complete an engaging project at home! Collect your art kit at our studio, get access to our video tutorials and start creating amazing artworks at home! These projects will keep the children engrossed over a long period of time and allow families to have some quality family time.
A complete kit โ€“ a box with materials + video tutorial and instruction. Choose from the boxes below:
👉 Price: $80 - (pick up at our Studio, from 10:00 to 12:00 - 674 Pacific Highway, Killara 2071)

Turn a myriad of materials into a metal creature. Use poly blocks, cups, balls, wooden loose parts, wire, cardboard tubes and other things to put them together, paint and polish learning about the SteamPunk design. The best experience for a young engineer!
Watch introduction video ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

🐬 OCEAN WONDERS (acrylic painting kit)
We will practice a number of painting techniques such as impasto, stippling, sgraffito, pointillism and finger painting to get equipped with the ways of approaching acrylic paint. We will then paint a beautiful ocean scene on the canvas. Acrylic painting has never been easier!
Watch introduction video ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

🚀 STAR WARS™ - Pilot Goggles
Build your space pilot goggles and head your starfighter to the space battle. We will use cardboard and a myriad of loose parts to put together our pilot goggles. Then we will paint and polish them in the style of Steam Punk.
Price: $60

Become an engineer and create your own cardboard truck. Put together cereal boxes to create the cabin and the trailer of your truck; decorate it with loose parts; imagine what the truck might be carrying; attach the number plates and design the driverโ€™s cabin. Paint and polish your truck with acrylics and play with your own creation!

Pretend you are a crazy professor and create a funny character (doll, superhero, magician, ballerina, ninja warrior, you name it). Turn a wooden mannequin into your muppet by designing the outfit for it and put together the loose parts included in your kit. Paint it with watercolour and draw the facial features with a black marker.

Send us your address and we can arrange the postage Australia wide.

Online Lessons via ZOOM™ (ages 4+)

Join us every day during the week for art lessons via ZOOM™. We will use simple and easy materials to create whimsical and playful art works to engage childrenโ€™s creativity and imagination. Choose from drawing painting (Monday), paper construction (Wednesday) and illustration (Friday)!

โœ…  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10.45 am โ€“ (40 min)
Price: $15 per lesson

โœ…  Five-week unlimited membership
Price: $125 (just $25 per week!) 👉 You can join all the classes during the week)


We never miss a class! Three terms in, and Victoria keeps coming up with something new - offering always interesting yet age-appropriate activities most of us parents would prefer not to try at home with the kids. She clearly adores what she does and it shows.

What an amazing class. Victoria was brilliant, she had every child completely captivated for the entire hour. My daughter had so much fun painting, dancing, and lying on her tummy drawing with charcoal. What a great introduction to art.

My son comes home wanting to extend on class projects and create more art! He is always looking forward to the next class. I highly recommend these classes to anyone wanting their children to be inspired to think creatively, in a hands on learning environment while having so much fun.

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